Music Manor has you covered for all of your school band instruments and supplies!

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Did you know that it’s easier to purchase a name brand, school approved, pre-owned, fully warranted band instrument from Music Manor than to rent or lease one somewhere else? It’s true!

Music Manor only buys, sells, and trades the best quality reconditioned instruments available. Our prices are so reasonable that, for the cost of a few month’s rental fees, you can own one! And, if your student decides that they were really meant to play a different instrument, we’ll buy it back! Why throw away your hard earned money?

And don’t forget that Music Manor has reeds, flip folders, lyres, valve oil, and many other accessories to support your student’s continued success throughout the school year.

Make a quick phone call today, or better yet swing in to Music Manor and get your pick of the litter before the bell rings.

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GK amps

    ALL NEW GALLIEN-KRUEGER BASS AMPLIFICATION IS STOOPID CHEAP!  Do we FINALLY have your attention? After several months of offering “percentage off” discounts, etc., we’re going to try a different tack. How about: OVER 50% OFF? DEALER COST? MAKE AN OFFER? WE’LL GIVE YOU MONEY? (As usual, we’d love to talk trade-ins too!) To …

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